Life at Poplars


This is our youngest room, where children are cared for in a warm and welcoming environment. The room is designed to nurture and support your little one’s development and emotional needs, with cosy corners, sleep zones, exploration materials and resources that promote physical stimulation. Staffing ratios for our Bumblebee children are 1 : 3 and this ensures that through the constant care and support from our qualified staff, an atmosphere which allows babies to develop and progress at their own pace and grow in confidence can be fostered.

Our emphasis is on developing nurturing relationships and providing outstanding care. Mutual trust is paramount for your baby’s and your own confidence and so we work hard to build close relationships that allow our children and families to feel secure. Intimate care such as nappy changing is carried out by key persons to  reinforce those trusting relationships. We provide all nappies and wipes and ask that you provide a spare change of clothes and your chosen milk products and bottles. There are no set sleep or feeding routines. We respect and value that each child is unique and are therefore happy to be led by you the family with regards to your child’s individual needs and likes.

Throughout the day, exciting and stimulating activities which promote curiosity, physical development and communication are provided alongside songs, rhymes, stories and multi- sensory resources.


Our middle room houses our toddlers and here, children are supported in making sense of the world and developing independence. The fun and exciting environment provides a platform for exploration and overall development. High emphasis is placed upon language acquisition and speech development. We are aware that this age group are reaching various developmental milestones and that our provision and environment need to enable and encourage this to take place.

Throughout the day, children will be provided with healthy snacks and drinks every couple of hours and if they attend a morning session, a nutritious 2 course lunch.

Our Bluebird children access a range of resources such as messy play, painting, role playing, crafting, construction, books and jigsaws. Activities can be adult led and focused, provided with specific learning outcomes in mind, or child led where the staff tune in to children’s interests and developmental needs and then respond accordingly.

Physical development is crucial in the first 5 years of a child’s life and we ensure that the children have constant access and are encouraged to participate in physical activities. Our fantastic outdoor area merges with the indoor room to create a seamless flow of in to out, allowing children to enjoy creating large movements and moving freely.

Life in the Bluebird’s room is all about fun and learning through play to ensure the foundations of development are strong and ready to be extended upon in our next room.


This is our oldest age group where children are encouraged to become well rounded individuals ready for the next stage of learning which is usually Primary school.

The emphasis in this room is about nurturing and promoting independence, extending and embedding interests and providing activities that promote key skills.

Children are encouraged to help set up for their snacks and lunches. They are supported in pouring their own drinks, helping themselves to vegetables and fruit and cooperating as part of a team.

Throughout the week, various extra-curricular activities take place, with the children having the opportunity to join in with activities such as French sessions  Ball skills with Preston North End, Drama with Petite Acting Academy and Dancing and rhythm with the Nicky Williams Dance Academy. These activities incur no extra cost and provide the children with fantastic opportunities to develop gross motor skills, coordination, control, imagination and confidence in a fun and exciting way.

School readiness is prepared for through adult led activities to support phonic awareness, early writing skills, number recognition and conservation and also self help skills. Our Butterfly children learn through play, exciting activities and fun filled days.

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of all the children in our care is extremely important to us.

Throughout the day we offer nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks which are prepared by our cook in our brand new catering kitchen.

Along with a healthy, balanced diet, children need lots of fresh air and exercise.  We are very lucky to have a variety of outdoor areas at Poplars and this enables all children to access the outdoors on a daily basis – whatever the weather.  In the large outdoor spaces children are able to run and play freely whilst accessing the many activities and resources on offer.  We also provided structured sessions of movement to music, dance, ball skills etc

Children are supported to make healthy choices.  They are guided on simple hygiene routines, encouraged to be active and have lots of activities, discussion and guidance about healthy eating.

All of the above are preparing your child to make healthy lifestyle choices that will continue through to their adult life.

Local Offer

Here is a prospectus of our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision; our ‘LOCAL OFFER’.

You can contact our SENCO and Nursery Manager – Hayley on 01772 452363 or using the form here.

To view the Local Authority Local Offer please use this link